About a Canter of the seventh generation

I announce June 18, 2002. 2WD releases the 4WD release on the same day in July, and the LPG car, CNG car is released in November. The concept "GLOBAL FIT" (global fitting). A popular name generation Canter.
The design of the head lamp was changed into a large fishing eyes form and was equipped with an instrument panel shift in the under-seat engine truck (including small size, medium size, the large size) for the first time in the world.
I was televised only for a short term, but Eikichi Yazawa of the rock singer was appointed as CM character.
Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus Co., Ltd. does a branch shrine, and it is started on January 6, 2003 by Mitsubishi Motors Corp. Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus Co., Ltd. is in charge of production, release, sale (only in the area where sales companies targeted for a domestic connection were unified as for the sale in 2006) to date from the same day.
The sixth-speed AT made in AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd. same as Toyota dyna was set in North American specifications (released as the FE series not a Canter in the North America) in 2004.
A change minor on October 3, 2005. I coped with conformity in rear plunge arrester installation regulation and mounting location of the light device and light distribution properties regulation, and the fifth-speed mechanical AT, INOMAT-II were set in part grade.